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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Let try this blogging again!

Pin It Good evening all

I have been such a bad blogger, but now I have decided that it is time to put my heart into my crafting and therefore redesigned my blog, ready to show off my cards and designs.

I have just one more day left at work, then time to switch off and enjoy Christmas with my family and friends.

I have a card to show that I finished today, and order for the lovely Annie for her son - had to do some research for this one as the brief was Halo and Xbox..... something I know very little about, but I do like how the card turned out.  The font was downloaded from and is the actual Halo 3 font, so I was quite lucky there.  The background was an image for the Internet, which I changed to a grey scale image, and then a little Xbox logo was needed to finish it off.

I have also decided today that I need to do some kind of photography course, as I really don't like any of the photo's on my blog, so need to look into that as a new year project!

I have lots of cards on order, to I will make sure that I visit and hope to also start taking part in some of the challenges..... wonder if my boss would consider me going part time!

Thank you all for taking time to join me this evening, and I will make sure that I start my blog hopping to visit all your wonderful creations again soon


Sam xx

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