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Saturday, 7 January 2012


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I have today been inspired by a very lovely friend of mine, after reading her blog, to make sure that this year you not only see my creations but also see me.  I am not a big writer, or talker even, but EJ’s blog has given me the key to open up and tell you all about me…. about my best friend my husband John… about my lovely family that all live in Sheffield, and I miss every day, about John’s lovely family who we are lucky to share the same neighbourhood, about my lovely totally wicked friends, about my beautiful cats… and much more too!

Some days I am sure that I will waffle, others will be quiet, but I will try try try to post a little news every week.  I can only share a little about my job as I am a HR officer at Kent County Council, and therefore this will be limited… and probably boring to most of you!  I live in a lovely part of Kent, called West Malling and get to travel to many places in Kent with my job…. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things.

Most of my days are filled with work, and my evenings with a little blog surfing, Pintrest browsing, occasionally shopping Smile and catching up on Facebook with family and friends.  When I can I make cards…. normally just for me to send to family and friends, but I admit I am the worst for remembering to post cards, even if I have made them weeks in advance, so this year we have it in triplicate! Diary entry in yahoo….. work diary in handbag… and now alarm on my new (smiles very happily) phone!  However, I am going to try and sell some cards this year and have set up my Etsy Shop…. we shall see what happens there.

I will try and make this more interesting with photo’s and links, but would love to know what you want to know also!

So my first sharing post has to include feedback to EJ…. If I had to describe you, I would say, you are intelligent, fun, exciting, brave, knowledgeable, witty, welcoming, warm, beautiful, talented and inspiring…. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with me and allowing me to be a part of your life.  I would love to see photos of your inspiration on your blog, what makes you want to write, I followed a few links and read a lot of great articles… but I want to read your articles… I am sure that this will come, but yes I want to see what you have written and what you have been up to.  Looking forward to seeing you at book club…. I have some reading to do, I am only up to chapter 3.

Bye for now… going to take some photo’s of my craft area tomorrow to share with you Surprised smile


Sam xoxo

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EJ said...

Hi Sam - this is a lovely entry, photos are a great idea and I will definitely try to post some pieces, plus the occasional haiku, poem or short piece of writing! Thank you for your lovely words too, I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends as you.

E xxx