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Sunday, 22 January 2012

My little space

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Afternoon friends

I promised that I would take some photos and share my craft area with you all…. so beware photo overload ahead!

I don't know about you but I am forever re-arranging things and finding new storage ideas, so I wanted to share a few with you today also.

Most of my units in my craft area are from Ikea –  SO here we go


My craft area.  My dining room table provides the base, however I think it has only been used for its original purpose once since we have lived here!  The LARGE unit on the table is Ikea and this is my new purchase.  My husband calls it the Command Centre….lol.  As you can see in the middle is my laptop, and various hand creams and tissues and I have a wireless keyboard so that I can move it out of the way when crafting.  The blue and black drawers are from Tesco direct about a year ago, and I have 4 sets – 2 each side.  The only other thing on my desktop is my spinney pen holder which is great and holds so much.


So on to the cupboards


The left cupboard holds my snippets of paper all sorted in colours and stored in A5 boxes, and the 2 drawers here hold my white card in the bottom and my colours Stampin up card in the top one.  I also have a box of stuff I am working that sits nicely on top of the card.


Here is one of my boxes of snippets…. not much room left in the pink one Surprised smile


On to the right side cupboard and this one now holds all of my 6x6 papers.  I spent lots of time when I was off at Christmas, snipping my papers that I had started into 6x6 or 5x5 and then I am able to grab them quickly when needed…. I still have a little room left in this cupboard for a few more pads I think Confused smile


The top drawer at the right holds all my tools so glue gun, heat gun, dymo, crimper, paper cutter to name a few.


The bottom right drawer is my colour inspiration! It is full of wild orchid flowers…. all shapes, sizes and colours. I love to open this draw and stare!


This little pod is the most used – it hold my really useful box of promarkers and spectrum noir pens, which is easily turned the right way up before opening, but allows me to store them on their sides.  The magazine holders holds my pre folded card stock, cutting board and then just next to this is my X-cut guillotine which is fab.  On top my wet wipes and kitchen roll….. of course!

Then in the pod next to that is my first craft storage purchase, a little set of 5 drawers from Rymans.  I would love some more of these but they don't seem to sell them any more and the ones they do sell are not as sturdy.

Here is what I keep in the drawers – firstly my dew drops, mementos and other small ink pads.


Then a selection of my most used ink pads


Then all my adhesive pads, stamping blocks etc


Finally my Glues and random stuff!


This is a lovely memo holder that I bought at the range when shopping for Christmas presents….. you have to treat yourself don't ya!  This is hung on the right end of my unit and I use it for when my cards are drying and waiting to be sealed up.  This is a lovely birthday card from my friend Louise, she know all about my kitties obsession!  It was my birthday yesterday and I was 38…. tut ah well at least still in my 30’s just.


On top of the unit and the main reason for buying something like this, is so that I can get my printer off the table and my big shot off the floor – and also my daylight lamp now sits right above me which is fab and even better for taking photos so her is hoping that they will start to get better with practice!


Okay…. now if you are totally bored I apologies – but it if you are like me, once you have seen the start you want to see where everything else goes…. so if you are ready – in the blue drawers we go


Right side first – top drawer….. GEMS! yes hundreds of them, but always need more lol and my pencil sharper lives there too.


Then we have glitters, spray and shines, chalk mist and glimmer mists, glamour dusts and mini misters…


Then we have stickles, embossing powders, chalks, stamp cleaners and a few small stencils


This drawer has Stampin up ink pads, distress inks pad, Adirondack ink pads, and then brushes and sponges and daubers for distressing


The bottom 2 drawer contain envelopes and plastic wallets for packaging.

Behind that the second lot of blue drawers contain

IMG_7260…..cardIMG_7261….cardIMG_7263….cardIMG_7264….card and papersIMG_7265….card and papersIMG_7266….and flowers!

I store my primas in these plastic A5 folders from Tesco's, as I love that I can see the different styles and colours at a glance which helps to choose!


Ready for the left side??


Firstly all my other adhesives…. OCD? yes i do lol


Now my favourite drawers…… Punches!


And more punches….


Random drawer with Big and Juicies, LOTV squares, jewellery that I have bought for crafting, pins staples


More punches and some A5 card


More punches……

And the back set of drawers….


Card x 6 drawers…..  (hmm…. yes I do have quite a bit of card…..)

Lastly on my desk is my spinney pen holder… you NEED one of these lol


This holds all my Prisma pencils, my Koh-i-noor pencils, my gels pens, my paint brushes, scissors,  poky tools, glue pens, ruler, hammer, tweezers and then if you look they have these really cute little drawers at he bottom which I use for punched out shapes, brads, post its – etc. I LOVE it.

Okay I am nearly there…. I do have one more craft area to share which is my unit with my stamps and 12x12 papers and other stuff…. but I think you will have left me by now, so will post the pics and if you want to know what anything is please ask.


Stampin upi DVD cases, pink box of random ribbons, then 3 x ribbon boxes – shelf 2 – blue CD holders with CD cases with clear stamps and random stuff in boxes


CD cases numbered and stamped in book so ease of viewing


Ribbons – (no i don't have enough)


More stamps and random boxes including beads and bits and bobs.. Oh some more flowers too!


12 x 12 papers and more random boxes


Card stock and envelopes, wooden stamps in boxes, more 12x 12 card, stickers, peels offs, transfers and card candy.

My dies are stored here (also from Tesco's) which is normally on my desk as I use them all the time


And just finally I wanted to share my view from my craft desk.  I am so lucky that my hubby has let me take over our dining space, which is joined on to the lounge, so not only do I get to craft in my living room, I get to spend time with my hubby who spends most of his time shooting people on the TV…. (Call of Duty 26 i think…) hey ho! Smile


So there you are…. welcome to my home.

Hugs Sam x



coops said...

wow great craft area sam and it is sooooooooo tidy and organized ;D

xx coops xx

Mol's Crafty Crafts said...

I have a room in my attic converted to my craft room any chance you can come over and help me sort it out like yours