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Saturday, 9 July 2011


Pin It Evening all

A lovely friend of mine told me this week about Windows Live Writer, that I can connect to my Blogger account and use to write my blogs….. Well here goes.  At first glance it was easy to set up, and I can see the lovely blog header as I am typing this, and it is as if I am typing in Microsoft word e.g. I have the same headers and can view text and sizing….. and it spells checks as I go…. HMM seems to good at the moment!

Okay so let have a go at adding a photo….
Yep easy to resize and centre it just like a word document… i am liking it… Mog also approves!
Change colour??
Let’s see
All looks good to me…

Now – lets see what happens when I publish!
Here goes….. Surprised smile

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